When I was temporarily out of cash and faced with $20.00 in my checking account, I wondered how I would buy food for my daughter and I until my next paycheck.  Thankfully, I have never been faced with the challenge for very long and my former husband is maintaining his financial commitment.  However, I have felt the raw reality of being a step away from not knowing where the next dollar was coming from many times.  I’ve learned I’m far more capable than I’ve given myself credit.  I’ve learned to trust, focus and get in action.

So it wasn’t surprising to me one day, as I was clearing out, organizing and trusting the universe to show me the next step, that I came across silver flatware from my grandmother and a silver bracelet from my other grandmother.  I didn’t feel nostalgic for these objects and suddenly discovered a greater value- that of my financial fortitude.   Divinely, the money received for the items yielded enough to cover exactly the amount I needed to pay the extra bills that month. The financial needs for my daughter and I were taken care of– instantly.  The words from a billboard I saw popped into my head- “Don’t Just Sit There- Prosper.” By embracing a greater vision for my life even when the road before me looks dark and full of obstacles, my next action becomes clear and effortless.

Since going through the fire of divorce, nothing remains sacred other than the love in my heart. Things once held tightly, no longer have tightly held attachment.  I realized my two Grandmothers contributed to me more than any object sitting in my closet collecting dust ever could.  Their examples of strength, courage and resilience gave me permission to let go and put money gained into my business and food on the table for my daughter and I.  It’s a legacy line of female fortitude.  After all, my Great Grandmother raised 8 children when her husband left in the 1930’s.  She figured out how to purchase the Diner she worked at and it became a place where people traveled miles for her delicious recipes.  If she could do it with eight children, I could certainly do it with one!

A twist on the ancient Chinese proverb still holds its value, “Give a single Mom a fish and you feed her for a day. Teach a single Mom how to fish and you feed her for a lifetime.”

As always, Ignite your light and let it shine bright.

From My Heart to Yours,


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