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Most people struggle with clutter–especially after a life challenge, heartbreak or setback.  I’m your guide to transform struggle into streamline so that your space is an organized and peaceful place.

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I’m Kris and Welcome to the Adventure that is Life

Hello! I’m Kris–I provide support to organize & simplify surroundings, reclaim life, and transform struggle into streamline. Sooner or later most of us experience heartache we’re not equipped to handle and find ourselves called to action–either being taken out by suffering or becoming the hero of our own life’s journey.

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My Campfire Confession and the Autocamp Airstream Dream

I love Airstream trailers. Simply looking at them makes my heart feel happy and free. I’ve been pointing them out on the highway since Simone was little. Now, when we see one on the road, she calls out ‘Airstream,’ like horse or cow. I’m also someone who loves hitting the jackpot, or holding the luck of the draw. 

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The Adventures of Mothers and Daughters

Does it mean I’m getting my job done as a mother when my daughter says, “Mom, you can be protective, just not over-protective.” I like to believe this is true, especially when I feel the urge to micro-manage her independent, free-spirited nature and keep her safe inside boundaries surrounded by love and encouragement.

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