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I share stories about off-grid van living and other life stuff because we all deserve to stress less and laugh more.

Reclaim Life by Turning a Small Space into a Multifunctional Place

‘Come with me and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination’ —Willie Wonka

Being a Single Mom Requires Imagination

One of my goals when newly divorced was to live in a top-rated public school district for Simone but rentals were extremely high where I wanted us to live, so I got creative and moved us into a one bedroom apartment where she’d walk a few blocks to and from school.  Thankfully, it’s the solution that helps us enjoy our community without breaking the bank.

The Small Stuff that Big Dreams are Made of

Downsizing our space provided a safe haven where I could devote my energy toward rebuilding our lives and it allowed us to not only make the 100sq ft bedroom Simone’s space, but also the remaining 400sq ft area a bedroom, living room, office and workout area for me too—It’s the small stuff that big dreams are made of!

Living in a Small Space is Fun but not for Everyone

Living minimally is less about what you’re missing and more about the freedom you’re gaining in return and everyone wants to feel capable and confident at any location called home because it helps to make the comebacks stronger than the setbacks in life.

A World of Pure Imagination

Exercise isn’t my favorite thing to do, but my imagination sparked an idea to install four little caster rollers on my daybed so that my mini trampoline slides easily under when not in use, and now I’m actually excited to exercise!  I share my innovation with you because I’m committed to not only easier and balanced living for me, but also ideas for you too!


Let's Streamline Together!

I’m cheering for you and paving the way for more roads toward possibility too!

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