I’ll have the Miracle with a side of Possibility

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Kris Adams

Hi, I'm Kris

I share stories about off-grid van living and other life stuff because we all deserve to stress less and laugh more.

CrossProcessed Photo copy Blessings show up in the strangest places, and I was delivered an unexpected one at a drive-thru Starbucks a few weeks back. It started as a series of events that I’m grateful I was in line for. I was driving along, feeling happy and fulfilled while on the phone with a friend (from my headset, of course.) We were chatting about our latest adventures; hers were ballroom dancing, golf and acting class; mine were being an entrepreneur, and pole-dancing. As I positioned myself in the line behind the other cars, I settled into feeling happy for the extra time I had that morning. She and I were sharing how miracles were showing up all around us, and how we place our orders out to the Universe, then voila, they show up in record time. When I pulled up to the window for my morning coffee, I said to my friend, “Hold on a minute, I need to pay.” The attendant said, “The woman ahead of you already paid for you.” My friend and I both squealed with delight to discover a miracle showed up in record time!… Drive thru, place order, voila- it shows up at the next window… And the woman ahead of me paid, or rather, “paved” the way for me. It doesn’t get more simple, yet powerful than that! I’ve never had anything like that happen to me and I loved the feeling so much that I’ve done it twice to other people behind me in the drive thru, since then. It’s the gift that keeps on giving… You never know the impact you have on another human being. I recently heard a story about a man in prison, who went on to achieve great things from a statement the guard, off-handedly remarked. She said, “You’re smart,” while glancing at notes from his file. She didn’t look him in the eye, just simply checked him through at the window, and sent him on his way. He later said, his entire life turned around in that moment, because no one had ever said those words to him. Maybe she said that to all the prisoners, maybe not. Either way, the words served their purpose. If we could see how our words and actions shape another persons experience, would we choose our words and actions more wisely? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. As Always, Ignite Your Light and Let it Shine Bright! From My Heart to Yours, Kris  

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