Grief is…  Awkward peaceful angry raw real loving graceful painful bitter euphoric gracious tender bold fear violent righteous debilitating alive wonder splitting courageous solid true crumbling aching painful beautiful transforming layered kind gripping roaring sickening screaming vibrance stormy systematic crowded crazy wandering new

These are the words that answered me when I sat in the center of grief and asked what it wanted to say. Sometimes I write and hear words quickly and precisely. All I can attribute it to is a Divine frequency I happen to tune into when a message wants to be heard. Someone once told me that musician, Sting, would hear a song or melody floating around in the ethers and if he didn’t write it down, he’d eventually hear it through another musician that did. I believe we all have the ability to tap into that higher Grace, if we’re willing to tune our frequencies to the right station and deliver the message. Sometimes it takes massive heartache, pain and suffering to crack open the channels of Grace to prime our frequencies, while other’s, like Sting, are born into this world with their frequency ripe and ready for action. The following is one unedited download I received from the powers that be and I will share more with you as I hear them.

Everything that once was true is no longer. The heart of victory lives in the knowing of this. We are all loving creatures of the vast eclipse in tomorrow, a once fleeting sense of nobility. To truly live in grace you must first find your heart and let all else fail at your feet around you. Grasp the true essence of pain in the forefront of your existence and bring back beauty and grace to its rightful home. You are here to give credence to the master of your life, the truth of your soul. Do not get caught up in rightful living. Find your voice and be done with it. There is no hesitation when you grasp the great you. Gain the great virtue of yourself. Not everyone is willing to embrace that part of themselves. It is not better or worse. All will fly eventually and bask in the god of themselves

As Always, Ignite Your Light and let it Shine Bright!

From My Heart to Yours,


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