HeadquartersToday, I’m writing to you from my office. It’s my new sanctuary that I’ve found quiet inspiration to create from. It’s my flagship headquarters where all the nuts and bolts of my business blossom. I design the blueprint of my vision within these walls… these walls that look a lot like… my bathroom.

A glimpse into my reality– I have a make-shift retreat; complete with sink, toilet, and tub.  All this is mine, and I’m grateful to be contentedly resourceful until I manifest my version of the photo above. My unexpected treasure trove is where I gravitate to, when the TV bombards me from the 450sq ft studio my daughter and I live in. It’s the least expected place to create from, but has become the most sought after seat in the house.  For now, I unfold my camping chair and laptop, cozy up to the washer and dryer, then write to my hearts desire. This picture you see above is what I strive to achieve, but in the mean time, the picture below is my behind-the-scenes. Within my little 4’x 4′ restroom, I’m dealing with life as it comes at me- poop and all…

Last week, it lovingly came to my attention that I sent out my weekly newsletter with two misspelled words; Assassination and Holocaust…. Oh crap, just when I think I’ve hit my stride with prose and clean clothes, I’m humbled by the fact that most of the time I’m flying by the seat of my pants and need to remember that life is messy and beautiful at the same time. There will always be mis-steps along the way. It takes a bigger commitment to get past the hardships and not be taken out by mistakes, mishaps, or the “shoulds” in life. Like, I should be past my pain, or I should be more forgiving, when I don’t want to… I should spell check before I hit send.

We can get to our clean by going through our messy, and embracing ourselves behind-the-scenes, exactly where we’re at. I’m clear I can’t do it alone. I’m building my team and value the contribution my posse of peeps holds for me. It takes grit and glory to see yourself through. No matter what life throws at you, catch and create from it. Give yourself freedom to fumble around and figure it out. It all comes back to the lens in which we view our lives. When you look up close at your life with all its crazy colors and blurs, remember to step back and have a broader view of the masterpiece in the making.

Cheers to more beautiful messy!

As Always, Ignite Your Light and Let it Shine Bright,

From My Heart to Yours,








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