Gandhi’s heart spoke it, Einstein knew it, Frank Lloyd Wright built it, and Mother Teresa held it in her hands. All visionaries were called to harness the power of simplicity within their purpose and mission.

I feel the same holds true for each of us building a life that empowers us and makes a difference for others. If you’re living in a swirl of messy surroundings and emotional baggage, it restricts your flow to all that you’re capable of. Downsize, so you can upsize and maximize the essence of You; the unencumbered version.

I remember saying to my Mom when I was a child, “If something happens to you, what will happen to my toys?” The fear of something happening to my Mom, was too much for me to handle and my childlike attempt at trying to control the uncontrollable lived in my toys.  As long as they were safe, I’d be too.  Likewise, as my marriage was falling apart, I had fears of something happening to my daughter, Simone, and then what would happen to child support? I was afraid of having to grieve for my daughter as well as my husband and not having the income to support myself through the emotional trauma. Pathetically warped thinking, I know, but real for me at the time.

As I downsized my life and environment, I started to upsize the true essence of me. Things I’d been holding onto, no longer held power over me as limiting beliefs. And, I experienced more emotional and financial freedom as a result.

The clutter of fear-based mindset is caused by over stimulating fear-based thoughts. When we listen to the irrational fear of our ego more than our heart, it’s the same as having a room full of clutter, restricting our access to the door.

The chaos of clutter limits us and keeps us stuck in warped experiences.  More importantly, we don’t need all the added baggage we collect- It’s simply weighing us down. On the first day of this new year; choose clean lines over clutter, and who knows what you’ll discover. At the very least, your closet will breathe a sigh of relief and your greatest potential just might defy gravity with all the wide open space.

In the comments below, I’d love to hear one thing you plan to clear away to make space for something new to emerge.  Here’s to a Bigger, Bolder, and Brighter year for everyone, cheers!

As Always, Ignite Your Light and Let it Shine Bright…

From My Heart to Yours,