During this Thanksgiving Holiday, I’m reflective of the gift you are to me. The gratitude I feel for you reading my words, sharing your comments and connecting to the bigger vision of moving beyond pain, is inspiring to me. It takes courage to step beyond suffering and I salute you on your quest to live a more vibrant life in the face of it.

Last night I went to buy ingredients for a delicious salad my daughter, Simone, and I are making as contribution for the gathering we’re attending. This simple salad holds new direction because in years past, I lived in elaborate orchestration. For many years, our home was the place for family and friends to gather. I cooked the vegetarian portions, dusted off the best china, stocked the bar, laid out the puzzle and games for all to enjoy. I’d buy firewood for the outside fireplace to warm our bodies and full bellies, while my former husband serenaded us by guitar with heartfelt songs. Those days are long gone, but the building of new traditions live on.

If you’re on your own, grieving a loved one’s death or simply wanting to have more heartfelt connection celebrating Thanksgiving or not, I wish for you freedom from loneliness in the silence of yourself. I send you loving grace and a kind embrace to reach beyond past comforts into the unfamiliar territory your new life holds for you.

In honor of Columbus and the Pilgrims crossing the seas to a new life, You can never cross the ocean, unless you loose sight of the shore…  And, I’m thankful that we are in this boat together.

As Always, Ignite Your Light and Let it Shine Bright!

From My Heart to Yours,


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