Child Prodigy or Divorce Anthology?

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Unexpected moments that reconnect me to the cornerstones of what matter, are the delicious moments I truly live for. It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind of rebuilding life after loss. The seemingly endless focus

of basic needs for food, clothing, shelter, financial and emotional well-being. Most of the time it feels like aimless driving and not knowing how to find your way home.  In fact, there is no home to find comfort in, when blindsided by loss… or is there?

We all remember the moments we experienced our versions of heart-wrenching events; a loved one dying, a spouse leaving, a sick child. Those are the moments that become ingrained images, like a full force symphony, crashing and colliding inside our bodies.

I’ve come to understand that to the extent we feel the deepest, darkest moments in life, there is also the most uplifting and brightest moments on the other side.  Those beautifully, messy moments quietly take us by surprise; patiently waiting to let love crash and collide with equal intensity.

Last night I had one of those moments I feel compelled to share with you.  My daughter, Simone, has always had a unique view of the world. And, it’s a world I get a glimpse of when I allow her to show me, not force my way in. So, I go about my life, hold a loving space for hers and trust I will get a free pass when she wants to reveal behind the scenes.   After a long day of work, making dinner, homework completion, dog feeding and walking; Simone said, “I’m going outside to play.” She has an enchanted world in our backyard that consists of a tree she looped an old hose on for a makeshift swing, pebbles, plants, a few toys and a lot of imagination.

When she came back in, she said, “I wrote a new song” and handed a piece of paper to me. I smiled and said, “do you want to sing it?” “No,” she said, “I’m gonna take a bath.” I sat down and cozied up on our couch to read the following unedited words:

Best Boy Lost

Oh oh oh oh your the one that I’ve been miss’n. Never knew who you were and now that you are gone I’m in a big black whole of my tears. Oh baby baby baby ya oh maybe maybe maybe we can do this all again. We can dance in the moon light sit in the sun light do everything we want to if we get cought maybe maybe I’ll just pin it all on you. Your the one and only person I love so come back and we’ll do it all again. Ya I know that we’re something that know one knows. We can’t help but burst it all out if only you were here if only you were here.

Umm… did I give birth to this Child Prodigy or is this the product of Divorce Anthology? When did my love life get channeled through the heart of my eight year old daughter?  Is it her ode to Daddy? I went to the bathroom and stood on the other side of the shower curtain.

I didn’t want to sound overzealous, so I casually said, “I love your song, what inspired you to write it?” she said, “I was playing a game where I had to write a song.” I pulled the curtain back, looked in her sparkling eyes and said, “I love the games you make up and how you put words together, can I share it?”  Her smile had an extra spark when she said, “sure.”

The child-like play of lyrics and lullabyes are the unexpected moments where I find my comfort of home.  Happily, it’s my daughter that seems to be lighting the way and inspiring me to write a new swan song…  just for the game of it.

In the comments below, I’d love to hear from you.  Share some of your transformational, unexpected moments or simply the things in life you’re grateful for.

As Always, Ignite Your Light and Let it Shine Bright!

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