I tuned into the radio while driving Simone to school and the DJ said, “If your last text was written on your tombstone, what would it be?”

Mine was to my sister, Michelle Adams, at 6:37 in the morning, “Remember– We come from sturdy stock on both sides– the Adams legacy and Sudie.  We can’t go wrong because we were born into greatness.”

These words came to me in my morning meditation and they were in response to my question, “How do two entrepreneur sisters consistently create bigger lives, rather than being shut down by burdening obstacles?”

The legacy of my family on my father’s side connecting to John Adams and my Mother’s side connecting to Benjamin Franklin is rooted in accomplishment. At least this is the story my family tells– I don’t have paperwork in hand of the actual lineage, but it makes for good conversation.

In the moments I feel like a misfit, I take stock in who I am and feel encouraged that even though I’ve struggled heartily, I’ve also lived mightily.  Both directions have shown me what I’m capable of and all my roads have inspiration rooted in Self-Love, Honor and previous DNA chains.

If we don’t stand up for what we believe in, then how can we stand up in our lives?  I believe my famous ancestors and the ones that showed up every day, but not widely recognized, had something in common. They were driven to make their lives and the lives of others… Brighter.  It’s something we all want ultimately– To live passionate, free and fulfilling lives.  We want to be driven and successful by what we love as a child is driven and successful by the play of a new day.

I don’t plan on dying today, but if I do, cremate me along with this message to the masses– Wherever your legacy came from, whatever circumstances you’re challenged by– you can’t go wrong because you were born into greatness…

As Always, Ignite Your Light and Let it Shine Bright,

From My Heart to Yours,