It’s easy to fall prey and never recover on the low road through divorce. However, taking the higher road of forgiveness, resilience and grace, yields more benefit in the long run.

Today’s French Woman Camping episode of Fireside Friday is with special guest, Kelly Powter. She and I were both married to musicians who left our marriages and we discuss the tender, heartfelt and funny moments of our divorce experiences. We share about how stepping on the higher road to create greater freedom and love, brought deeper joy and vibrancy to our lives.

There are many obstacles to overcome when reinventing your life after loss; most of which start from within. Kelly shares how Colin Tipping’s book, Radical Forgiveness, helped her find a different perspective, plus all the many tools for healing along her journey. I am honored to have Kelly as my first guest of Fireside Friday and I feel you will find inspiration from her as well.

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